Easter_WebTo celebrate cute chicks (not that kind), chocolate eggs, bunny rabbits and well, more chocolate (am I missing something else….) we are giving away a mega 30% discount. Just enter the code “Eggstra30″ at checkout and we will do the rest. Give it your best shot, we are pretty much out of everything so get while the gettin’s good! Shop here. Sale runs April 18th – 21st.

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FHM selections breaks down the must have’s for summer. They were nice enough to include our now SOLD OUT Oh Shit! 5 Panel in blue. But don’t worry other colours are still available in the shop.

Basic Bitches




If you get the basics right the rest is easy… Basic tees are online now.

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When I got an email off Bobby explaining that he was starting a new The Hundreds feature entitled ‘Best. T-shirt. Ever.’ I was intrigued to say the least. It got me to thinking, I emptied every drawer in the house on the hunt for my version of the Best. T-shirt. Ever. I searched high and low, I found old Supreme tees, vintage band tees from years ago and I even found the very first indcsn tee ever printed (Disclaimer*** indcsn tees are in actual fact the best t-shirts ever). But the more graphic t shirts I came across the more I kept looking over at that pile of not so crisp white tees. Those are the t shirts I wear day in day out, my everyday wears. They might not be fancy, they may not have a box logo emblazoned across them and they certainly aren’t exclusive but in a lot of ways they are perfect. You can make up your own minds about your Best. T-shirt. Ever. The full article is available for you viewing pleasure here. Feel free to let me know what you think or what your best is.


As a brand we come up with hundreds of designs each season but there is always one that just sticks with you. Been Through The Wars is that graphic for me this current season. Its gritty, its clean, its diverse, its perfect. You would expect me to say that though, wouldn’t you. Well don’t take my word for it, from the look of our sales sheets over the last few weeks you guys are into this design too. Good to know i’m not the only one with such good taste. Make sure you grab a coach jacket, tee or long sleeve before they sell out. The good ones always do. Makes sense though, nobody wants the shit stuff.

Spring Cleaning


As we have all our summer deliveries booked in and on the way its time again to clear some space in our over crowded warehouse. We have reduced all past season 5 panels to a more seductive price. No need for any codes, just go check it out and grab yourself a few new caps.

Shop 5 Panels.

One Day Only


One day only. Don’t sleep on this. Enter the code: ‘SWAGLORD‘ at checkout.


This was 100% not true. April foooolllss. Thanks to everyone single one of you who emailed us to let us know the code wasn’t working (PRAYING HANDS EMOJI).